Here's a few of the pieces I've finished for the show. More pictures to follow, as well as a link to my etsy page, where you can order them online!

'Fork and Knife' pen & ink $45
'Moby Dick and Captain Ahab' pen & ink $65

working hard for the money.

Well, it's that time of year again.

I love valentine's day, and I'm endeavoring to be the Paperdoll's exclusive valentine's artist. Karie Jane (who is my artist idol) and I are gearing up for a joint show that opens Friday, February 5th called "A Perfect Pair."

I'm pretty excited- I love Karie Jane's work and think our styles will really compliment each other. Also, she's suuuper prolific, so it's really pushing me to keep working and pushing and cranking out the art. I'm happy with what's come out of me so far.


hello, world.

Like most people, when the holiday season looms and the new year is just around the corner, I start having mini panic attacks about my life. And mainly, about not doing enough with my art. Every year I swear THIS will be the one in which I get organized, get on the web, start selling on etsy, start documenting my work, etc. and as you can imagine, I have as of yet done none of the above.

So, here's lookin' at 2010.